September 29, 2023

Legacy Autosport Announces Move to Indy Lights in 2023

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Legacy Autosport Announces Move to Indy Lights in 2023


Pittsboro , Ind. (Tuesday, June 28) – Legacy Autosport has announced it is moving the Indiana-based race team to the Indy Lights championship in 2023.


Team owner Louis Michael Meyer, great grandson of Louis Meyer – the first three-time Indianapolis 500 winner and the first to celebrate a “500” win with milk in victory lane, talks about making the move to INDYCAR’s growing developmental series:


“I speak for everyone here at Legacy Autosport when I say we are thrilled to be moving up the Road To Indy to Indy Lights. We have really enjoyed our time in the USF2000 and Indy Pro 2000 series and working with everyone at Andersen Promotions.


“When starting this team four years ago, we had the goal of someday competing in Indy Lights, where I spent 16 years of my career. I have been a part of some very successful teams with multiple championships and had reached a point in 2018follow my dream of having my own team and building on my success.


“As with drivers, the Road To Indy can be a ladder to Indy Car for teams as well. The future looks bright with all the advancements in the Indy Lights Series and I look forward to working with everyone in the NTT INDYCAR SERIES.


“It’s been a talking point for a year now and some opportunities came along to make the final decision of selling our USF2000 and Indy Pro 2000 cars and purchasing our first IL-15 Indy Lights chassis. Our plan is to field two cars in the Indy Lights championship while also competing in the USAC Silver Crown Series.  More big team announcements are coming In next few days.


“I would also like to take time to say thank you to Metalloid Corporation for their amazing support from the infancy of the team and, although they will no longer be a primary partner, they will always be a part of the Legacy Autosport family. Thank you!”


To Find out more on how to be a partner and be a part of the Legacy Autosport journey email


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