December 9, 2023

Simon Sikes Brings Home Three Top Ten Finishes at Indy GP Weekend

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Simon Sikes Brings Home Three Top Ten Finishes at Indy GP Weekend

After a Wild weekend full of thrills and spills at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Simon Sikes Brings Home three Top Ten Finishes, To Hold on to the sixth-place spot In the USF2000 Championship Presented by Cooper Tires.

“The weekend started out awesome!” Said Simon Sikes (driver of the Legacy Autosport #19.) “We went out for our first test session, ran through our program and pulled away with a first-Place finish by over 4 tenths of a second. The team did a great job, and the car was perfect. After the first few test sessions I had high hopes for race one but unfortunately it was complete chaos, I made it up from eighth Place to fourth place before getting takin out, falling to eighteenth and then driving back up to ninth to secure that race. I was pretty happy with that race, butthe second race was a little less chaotic than the first I struggled for grip a little bit at the beginning and kind of got knocked around there at turn seven, I lost a few spots And just couldn’t get them back. The third race was just as exciting and after areally hard battle I just couldn’t find my pace to get back to the front.”

“The Indianapolis motor Speedway is such an amazing place to race at. It’s a really fast paced track with winding turns and fast straights which always makes for a fun but chaotic time” Said Sikes

“The next race at Lucas Oil Raceway is going to be really exciting, this will be my first race on an oval course. My first test recently went really well, and the car felt great so I have high hopes for a good finish for round 8 of the USF2000championship.”

“I really feel like I’ve made significant progress in the Road to Indy since I first started in 2020. I have raced with Legacy Autosport the entire time and developed massively as a driver during our weekends together. Thanks to some excellent guidance, I am becoming far more familiar with the Tatuuschassis in both setup and driving. I’m looking forward to learning much more throughout this season.”

“None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of Metalloid Corporation, Legacy Autosport, Legacy Brand and Sturgis Finishing. They are an incredible group of people who have given me the opportunity to contend my first full season in the series. I’m really looking forward to bringing them great results throughout this year.” Said Sikes


“The Indy GP was a rollercoaster for sure.” Said Louis Michael Meyer (Owner of Legacy Autosport) “We ended the first test session in P1 and really didn’t have good luck the rest of the weekend.  Simon moved up in each race but was hit or run off track.  It was hard racing throughout the field.”


“Indy GP is always a tough event and this last event just put the hard stamp on how important qualifying is.  It’s always a good feeling to be at the Indianapolis motor speedway and we for sure have some unfinished business.” 

“I am excited to get to Lucas Oil Raceway and see what we can do with Simon. We had a second place run with Alex Baron in 2019 and a win with Kody Swanson in or Indy Pro 2000 car in 2020.” Said Meyer

“Lucas oil Raceway is always an exciting event with all the oval rookies.”


“I would like to thank our partners Metalloid Corporation, Sturgis Finishing and Legacy Brand because with them,this is all possible.” Said Meyer

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