December 9, 2023

Simon Sikes / Legacy Autosport Recap Their 2ND Place Finish at Road America

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Simon Sikes / Legacy Autosport Recap Their 2ND Place Finish at Road America

“This past weekend at Road America was easily my most fulfilling weekend in racing,” said Simon Sikes. “Despite not coming away with a win, the team and I proved we were capable of being legitimate front runners in a deep and talented USF2000 field with a second-place finish on Sunday by only 0.06 seconds.”

“I learned a lot about race tactics in this series especially timing the passes to keep moving forward. I reviewed the data and video to make sure that I can win those close races next time.

“The car improved massively throughout the weekend. We had a pretty good car for the first race on Saturday but by the 2nd race on Sunday, we had the best car on track. “

“The greatest moment of my weekend was easily our last race on Sunday. In an awesome breakthrough, I made my first Road to Indy podium. The feeling of seeing the Legacy Autosport team, who has given me so much support, cheer for the podium was unmatched. “

“I will be back for Mid-Ohio next weekend and looking for my maiden win in USF2000 competition. I can’t thank the Legacy Autosport team enough for everything they’ve done to put me in a position to fight for the top step in USF2000. A special thank you to Sponsor, Fred Edwards of Metalloid Corp, who helps make all of this possible with his support!” Said Sikes.

Louis Michael Meyer (Owner of Legacy Autosport) said “Road America is one of my favorite tracks to visit on the schedule.”

“We rolled off the trailer with a great car but being a one car team at a track where the three and four car teams have an advantage with drafting in practice and qualifying was challenging.”

“Simon showed in race one that he and the car had the pace coming from 16TH to 7TH place on the first lap.   In race two was the same with Simon working from 10th to 2ND Place andexchanging the lead a few times to a close 2ND place finish.”

“I am extremely proud of this team with the hard work and dedication. We made a few changes from the start of the season and are looking to keep this momentum rolling through the end of the season. I am looking forward to Mid-Ohio next week and the 3-race weekend. I want to thank our partners Metalloid Corporation and Sturgis Finishing for all that they do for Legacy Autosport.” Said Meyer.

After fighting from 16TH to 7TH in race 1 and claiming the fastest lap and hard charger for 10TH to 2ND in race 2 with a 0.06 second split from the leader Nepveu, it seems that Legacy and Sikes have found that winning formula, It will be exciting to see if they can carry the momentum of their podium finish at Road America on to the Road To Indy Presented By Cooper Tires rounds 11/ 12 and 13 in Mid-Ohio, July 1st- 4th with newly confirmed teammate Nathan Byrd in the #20 Car. Go to or to learn more and follow along with everything Road To Indy.

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