December 9, 2023

Swanson And Meyer Talk  About Their First Win At Lucas Oil Raceway

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As the sun sets on another race in the Indy Pro 2000 Road To Indy Series presented by Cooper Tires. Legacy Autosport and Driver Kody Swanson emerge as the victors at Lucas Oil Raceway. Legacy and Kody both produced their first win in their first ever race in the Indy Pro 2000 Championship.

Legacy Autosport Driver Kody Swanson recently said “It feels good to get a win in the Indy Pro 2000 series. I’ve been trying for a while to break into new things, and with that transition really being an unknown for me, it was great to have a good run in our first attempt with the series.”

“Everything seems so different in these cars. Even the way you sit makes you feel different within the car, but it also changes your vantage point and visual perspective of the racetrack so much. These cars are so smooth, and so sensitive to driver inputs, that it has been a learning curve trying to figure out just what to expect in the way they react.”

“Throughout practice, we worked on helping me gain some trust and comfort within the racecar, and I’m really happy with how we all progressed together. I sure would have liked to cut a better lap qualifying, especially since we were so close to winning the pole. There are definitely things I wish I’d have done better, but those are all part of the learning curve, and I’m glad that we were still able to finish it like we did.” Said Swanson

“Competitively, the pass for the lead was my favorite moment, and the way it happened in lapped traffic was something I was excited about. Out of the car, meeting the Meyer family and the whole Legacy Autosport team in Victory Lane has to be the overall favorite. Seeing the joy that we all got to share in is an incredible experience that is so tough to replicate.

“Gateway is another chance for me to learn, and to gain more experience in a rear-engine car. Although they are both ovals, Worldwide Technology Raceway and Lucas Oil Raceway have so many unique differences. I’m looking forward to those new challenges and learning as much as I can to help us have a good run this weekend.”

“I’m thankful to have had the opportunities that I have had this year already, and for everyone who has stepped in to help me with the chance to run again this weekend. Thanks to Fatheadz Eyewear, Ackerman Toyota, Speed town Comfort Heating & Cooling, Rosewood Machine & Tool, Welsch Heating & Cooling, & Wheeler Motorsports, as well as the effort from Legacy Autosport & Metalloid Corporation.” Said Swanson

Louis Michael Meyer (Owner of Legacy Autosport) said “I am thrilled about our first win! It means so much to have this a family run team and continue what my great grandfather started so many years ago. I am so proud of this team and everyone that makes it possible for us to do what we all love. To have my Dad Butch be the chief mechanic on the car that got us our first win is so special. He puts his heart and sole into every detail and it showed with Kodys victory at Lucas oil Raceway. My brother Matt who handles all our social media, website and video production, He works so hard to help build our brand and take Legacy Autosport to new Heights. Also Fred Edwards and the entire Edwards/ Metalloid family, without them and their support none of this would have been possible. We are one big extended family and i would not want it any other way”

“The race win at Lucas Oil raceway means so much for our team! Being able to compete against the established teams like Andretti, Pabst, Juncos, Exclusive and de force who are all championship teams and win is huge and shows what this team is capable of.”

“Kody Swanson is a throwback to how drivers did it years ago. He wins in his Indy Pro 2000 debut and half hour later he is starting on pole for a silver crown race. He then has three more races the next 2 days with the last one being on dirt. It just shows the versatility, passion and how he can adapt to any situation.”

“We are committed and working hard to help Kody move up the Road to Indy ladder as we do with all our Legacy Autosport drivers. We want Kody to realize his dream of reaching Indy car and competing in the Indianapolis 500. He is an extremely talented race driver and one the most genuine and deserving person i know.”

“We have a better idea going into Gateway having got this first race out of the way at Lucas oil with the Indy Pro 2000 car. We will approach this race the same way with attention to detail and hard work and hope for the same result. I have total confidence in the team and Kody, and I can’t wait to get to the the track.” Said Meyer

After winning the freedom 90 oval race at Lucas Oil Raceway, Legacy Autosport and Swanson will be the team to look out for as they head out for their next race at worldwide technologies gateway in St. Louis on Saturday August 29th

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